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7 Ways Blockchain Technology Helps Fight Covid-19

See below what organizations, from all over the world, use blockchain projects to do their part in these times of global crisis.

Alipay - China

This online and mobile payment platform uses blockchain technology in the fight against coronavirus. Alipay uses the Ant blockchain to help citizens learn prevention habits and receive authenticated and approved information materials related to COVID-19 through mobile apps.

ANSA - Italy

ANSA, the leading news agency in Italy, implemented ANSAcheck - a news tracking system powered by blockchain technology. It is another tool for people's safety to stop the spread of fake news amongst its readers.

BitMED – Austin, Texas, U.S.

BitMED, a telehealth company in conjunction with Ard Holdings, offers access to free blockchain-based telemedicine services to residents of Central Asia and Mongolia. The blockchain technology secures the patients' data from any potential breach.

BurstIQ - The U.S.

BurstIQ provides data solutions based on blockchain technology for the healthcare industry. Research Foundry combines researchers, large enterprises, public health agencies, and innovators with a secure connectivity and data management platform. A secure sharing of data to accelerate the discovery of solutions.

Emerge - Toronto

Emerge developed Civitas, a public safety system app that helps local authorities in various nations. This App program assists citizens who report experiencing COVID-19 symptoms know the days on which it is safest for them to leave their homes to shop for necessities such as medicine and food.

Infermedica - Poland

Infermedica generates solutions by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology into the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool. Its technology guides patients to the care they need by making the process of pre-diagnosing, triaging, and connecting patients with the necessary medical services significantly easier. The app is available in 17 different languages, with more coming soon.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has teamed up with Hacera, to develop MiPasa, a new blockchain platform to aid with analytics and data aggregation for COVID-19 - will help to identify virus hotspots and carriers and will hopefully aid in the early detection of the virus.


Blockchain can help in many ways to ensure your safe, authentic, and better information, and assistance every day. Any information is one app away!

Stay safe!