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BitPay’s Prepaid Mastercard Launches in the U.S.A. for Better Crypto Experiences

Recent statistics reveal that 36.5 million Americans own at least one kind of cryptocurrency. BitPay’s statistics page shows an average of 98,000 Bitcoin transactions processed per month during this year.

At its second, crypto prepaid card, BitPay Prepaid Mastercard designed with modern features that offer an easy way to spend by making crypto payments cards more natural. BitPay has an EMV chip that provides total security and works with contactless-enabled payment systems and is compliant with U.S. regulations.


Cardholders can also withdraw the U.S. dollars from ATMs and make online purchases. The BitPay Card serves as a tool to provide a convenient way to access spending power. Automatic loads can be set by the card users to set in addition to manual top-ups, plus you can use it to withdraw cash via an ATM and purchase crypto and gift cards. The card supports a $25,000 maximum balance, with $10,000 daily limits - loading and spending. Also, the BitPay has a maximum of three ATM withdrawals of up to $2,000 apiece every day.

With the BitPay mobile app cardholders can reload their balances, view transaction history, and manage their card settings. With the new BitPay card, you can exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), XRP, and stable coins such as USDC (USDC), GUSD, PAX, and BUSD. The cardholders have almost instant access to their funds, without any conversion fees.

In the future, the team would like to integrate Apple Pay and Samsung Pay into the BitPay Card, to users to make payments directly from their smartphones. So far, the digital payment platforms Uphold and Embily announced its Mastercard debit card this year that to convert crypto into fiat at Mastercard-compatible locations. Embily is available in points worldwide.