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This conference is a mine gold for beginners, professionals, and those who like to be up-to-date to everyone who wants to know about the blockchain ecosystem. With such intriguing topics as you can convince yourself from the list below.

Senior industry analysts of blockchain enterprise, experts showcase their successful and unsuccessful blockchain pilots, balancing regulatory requirements with blockchain principles. Discussions about Blockchain, IoT, and AI or you can find out how blockchain can catapult your enterprise’s digital transformation with lessons learned from significant proofs-of-concept.

See below the most interesting topics of Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 – the place where blockchain ecosystem is connected:


  • Working on a connection between various governments & blockchain solutions
  • What blockchain does, it does very well
  • Exploring why blockchain will become transformative where authenticity is critical, which gets you to things like global clearance, the global supply chain, healthcare, and aerospace.
  • Why trade finance is ripe for innovation? Paper ledgers vs. DLT
  • Institutional vs. decentralized investment: Examining the value proposition of decentralized markets
  • The future of digital asset trading custody and settlement; Where will we be in 5 years?
  • Why is crypto back on the scene in a big way and why are stock exchanges taking it seriously?
  • Can investing in crypto really spread the risk in your investment portfolio?
  • Evaluating your blockchain ecosystem strategy
  • Looking at how you can create a business case around blockchain
  • Practical applications of blockchain, based on an example from the aerospace industry
  • Collaboration across the ecosystem
  • How blockchain is already streamlining the supply chain
  • Peer-to-peer infrastructure
  • Exploring how blockchain can take out the middleman
  • Investigating why traceability of components can help the environment
  • The ultimate solution for data exchange in the trade supply chain
  • Public vs. private blockchain in the enterprise – is it time to rethink the strategy?
  • How blockchain can bring the power back to the consumer with genuine, independently verified, traceability
  • Investigating why blockchain can leave suppliers on the supply chain with nowhere to hide
  • Understanding the value of how blockchain can be the answer to peaks and troughs in supply and demand

Check the agenda to see for yourself how intriguing is this Conference for anyone who attends. It has it all for enterprises, solutions for your business, and last updates for Digital Assets & Crypto and Transformation.


Day 1 - 24 November 2020

8:30 AM - Registration, Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

9:30 AM - Chair’s Opening Remarks – Blockchain for Enterprise

9:45 AM - Opening Keynote: Success stories of deploying blockchain and lessons learned

10:15 AM - Keynote: Blockchain to underpin the emerging technology ecosystem

10:45 AM - Keynote Panel: Moving into the next phase – Blockchain in action

11:15 AM - Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

11:45 AM - Presentation: Blockchain in use for the Dutch Government

12:15 PM - Keynote: How to implement a full-scale blockchain solution into the enterprise

12:45 PM -Presentation: Blockchain goes global; Leveraging blockchain for transformation

1:15 PM - Lunchtime & Networking in the Exhibition Area

2:15 PM - Presentation: Revolutionizing the 300-year old goods trade industry

2:45 PM - Panel: Old vs. new age trading – The vision for the future of trading

3:15 PM - Presentation: Digital assets on the stock exchange – What will this new landscape look like?

3:45 PM - Afternoon Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

4:15 PM - Workshop: Blockchain for business, from proof of concepts to unicorns

5:15 PM - Chair’s Closing Remarks – Blockchain for Enterprise

5:30 PM - End of Conference Day One

6:30 PM - Networking Party – 6 PM – The Beach Bar, Strand Zuid @ RAI – access for Ultimate, Gold & Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press, and exhibitors only.


Day 2 - 25 November 2020

8:30 AM - Registration, Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

9:30 AM - Chair’s Opening Remarks – Blockchain for Enterprise Day 2

9:45 AM - Panel: Mobilizing the world with blockchain – Transformation through collaboration

10:15 AM - Keynote: Where will enterprise blockchains be in two years?

10:45 AM - Panel: Blockchain as a team sport – “Coopetition” as the key to streamlining trading on the supply chain

11:15 AM - Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

11:45 AM - Presentation: Molecular economy – Blockchain will power the future Machine to Machine economies

12:15 PM - Keynote: Harnessing the value of data via self-sovereign identity

12:45 PM - Panel: Will corporate competitive culture trump or boost the possibilities of public blockchains?

1:15 PM - Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

2:15 PM - Presentation: Tackling global transformation by enabling mobility through blockchain

2:45 PM - Keynote: Blockchain, delivering measurable business value

3:15 PM - Presentation: Blockchain for driving innovation at Airbus

3:45 PM - Panel: Blockchain; The answer to consumer trust

4:15 PM - Chair’s Closing Remarks – Blockchain for Enterprise Day 2

4:30 PM - End of Conference

Join this complex conference to boost your confidence and knowledge!