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COIN AGENDA GLOBAL 2020 - Virtual Conference

For the second year, due to the public health and COVID-19 precautionary measures, the event got postponed, and promoted as Virtual Event, on October 18-19. But they have with an interesting prequel of virtual mini-events on April 22, May 20, and June 24 transmitted via online platforms from Las Vegas, United States, and other countries. Short web events, monthly held with feature crypto leaders discussing market impacts of policy, regulation, the bitcoin halving, and other investing influences.

We are excited to announce that these mini-events are a great update to every single major event that impacts the cryptocurrency world, especially the Coronavirus, the awaited After Bitcoin Halving, and other interesting themes that help you catch up on the events from your couch or home office. Meet, mingle, and get to know the top cryptocurrency leaders. Learn the Mainstreaming of Blockchain Investing with services and exchanges to move cryptocurrency launched by the largest institutional investors.


The live-streaming number one starts tomorrow. Check below the event calendar for the next 4 months:


Monthly Event Calendar


April 22 – Crypto in time of Coronavirus

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May 20 – After the Halving

June 24 - Europe’s Crypto Market Update

July 22 – The DeFi Revolution

And there’s more each month, till the big event in October.


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