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The Algorithm of Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency profitable investment is dependable on many factors, starting with the information gathered through study and experience. It takes time, commitment, and lots of practice. Understanding such terms as cryptocurrency index, diverse portfolio, and investors sentiment is essential to becoming an open-minded investor.

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Which Quarantine Hobbies Generate Cryptocurrency

Did you know that some domains managed to build its crypto-value with a platform that assures profit and protection? How about digital money created specifically for solar energy, gamer addicts, and content writers? Every digital asset is built with a precise purpose to solve a particular issue, and the demands are plenty enough to inspire developers. Even if they seem underrated cryptocurrencies, in time, they have profit potential.

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What to expect from Bitcoin Halving 2020?

Unexpected coronavirus pandemic in March, caused bitcoin value to lower its price in half, with bad consequences for investors. In April, the Bitcoin value increased above 7000 US Dollars per unit and slowly decreased over the weekend for almost 6800 US Dollars per bitcoin. As we all know, in exactly 25 days, it’s expected another halving - a third scheduled one, which every bitcoiner awaits with solid plans about it.

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Events to attend in 2020

The protective measures imposed by the World Health Organization to combat the COVID-19 pandemic causes massive canceling of social events. Some of the conferences, concerts, forums, and meetings got postponed or hold online his year. Learn more about the latest improvement in the crypto or blockchain mining industries and read our Top 5 cryptocurrency events to attend in 2020. Read below the details about them - intriguing topics, tutorials, insights, and many more.

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Good-to-know facts about cryptocurrency

In the binary era, the invention of digital currency seemed a logical evolution of the history of money. The main advantage of this digital asset is that they are decentralized since the government can’t control what he does not produce. It’s a pay system exchange, that can be used internationally just as U.S. Dollars or Euros. Though cryptocurrency is successful, the currency phenomenon still has some interesting good-to-know facts about it.

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