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PayPal opens its service to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is making a high.

Recently, PayPal announced that it would soon allow the financial-services giant to accept cryptocurrencies. It means that now users could buy, sell, and hold the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which caused Bitcoin to spike as much as 8% on Wednesday this week. The leap pushed bitcoin to an intraday peak of $13,115.17, reaching the highest level since July 2019.

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Things to Know More About Crypto Interoperability

​​​​​​​Cryptocurrency interoperability is about paying for purchases in cryptocurrencies. Despite the pandemic and the evolving crypto crimes, advanced interoperability is necessary to protect each side. Thanks to secure interoperability, cardholders can make payments anywhere in the world without worrying about device compatibility and currency conversion.

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Top 5 Factors That Could Redefine Bitcoin’s Price This Week

Though today Bitcoin (BTC) had a start above $11,000, analysts still have fears of returning to the 2018 U.S. Dollars. Now the bears continue to hold the$12,000 range is the next question in line. According to Cointelegraph, five factors could help you decide whether this week is bullish or bearish for BTC price action.

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Let's Talk About Open Interest in Bitcoin Options

In Sept, 24 the open interest for Bitcoin options hit their all-time high of $2.14 billion. It happened just a day before a big quarterly expiry of 89,100 contracts - 47% of existing options contracts at the time. Options, in the crypto industry, are derivative contracts that give the holder the right (though not an obligation) to purchase or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price, also known as the strike price.

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Bitcoin Miners Revenue Looks Optimistic in October

Since May 2020, the Bitcoin mining charts show difficulty increase, which tends to challenge the most experienced miners. September was the month of permanent testing due to a revenue decrease down to 8% when comparing to the 25% previous two months. Only $328 million were generated, in revenue, by the Bitcoin miners, but still, it’s 11% down compared to August according to the data analyzed by CoinDesk.

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