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Indian CoinDCX Launches DCX LEARN

It’s time to learn more about the most prominent financial biggest revolution. It’s a mantra amongst people who want to explore the opportunity for radical innovation, entrepreneurship in monetary solutions, and a new asset class for investments. Appropriate education is necessary to achieve accurate knowledge to navigate the crypto markets. The Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX launched on June 16, the educational platform - DCX LEARN.

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What Do You Know About Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide?

Since March this year, the public demand for cryptocurrency grew from 7,000 to more 8,000 in less than three months. Nowadays, to make crypto accessible via a Bitcoin ATM is simple. The monitoring resource CoinATMRadar shows an ATM world map of how almost 8,208 ATMs are in the 73 countries.

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Bitmain Officially Launched the New Antminer T19

Another historic day for the cryptocurrency world. Today, June 1, 2020, the world’s leading mining hardware producer Bitmain launched a new Antminer T19 for mining cryptocurrency. Antminer is a household brand for miners that work in securing the cryptocurrency network, empowering the blockchain industry. Their products embody the definitive technology pioneered for product superiority and performance.

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