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3 Reasons That Explain How Bitcoin Price Volatility Could Spike Before the Monthly Close

So far, August is the month that shows the true nature of Bitcoin’s heightened volatility property. At least three factors point toward its volatility in the near term. At the end of this month, we can see through the emerging signs of heightened volatility. Starting September, Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures contracts and Deribit options expire. It’s an awaited event because BTC’s near-term direction remains uncertain, and everyone is eager to see the chain events.

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Radix Releases a New Platform to Get DeFi Into Mainstream

​​​​​​​The DeFi’s future gets more promising since Radix releases its first layer-one protocol made up of four different technologies. The Radix’s white paper, informs of four technologies that can bring DeFi for mass adoption - Cerberus, Radix Engine, Component Catalog, and the Developer Royalties. Let's find out more about the newest platform.

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Bitcoin's Price Dropped below $12,000. And it’s OK!

This month, Bitcoin (BTC) achieved a high of $12,486 on Coinbase. Just three days ago, BTC recorded a drop by 5%, leading to a red board on Coinbase360.com. The recent event provoked losses in the altcoin market. Believe it, or not this is just another expected healthy pullback. So, how a price drop is healthy for the crypto market?

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Litecoin is getting investor’s attention on Market Capitalization

Since Bitcoin’s price started to increase, beginning in June 2020, the crypto market shows impressive altcoin’s price development. The investment sentiment encourages more investors to diversify their portfolios. And every altcoin out there has the chance to flee and become much-trusted. At the same time, crypto investors focus mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum over recent weeks. It is Time for Litecoin to mark its price-performance spotlight.

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Bitcoin ‘Whale Clusters’ Chase a $14,000 Pivotal Price

After studying the last 4-years of the Bitcoin’s last 4-years cycle, David Puell, an on-chain analyst, can affirm that the $14,000 level is a crucial price point for the number one cryptocurrency. Whale clusters are the main reason since they show a key area with a range between $12,000 to $14,000.

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