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Blockchain-Backed Social Media Offers Various Choices for Users

Coronavirus had a massive impact on the world and our successors will always know about the era “before and after the pandemic”. Blockchain never seizes to surprise us by its approaches and variety of possibilities. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic negative effect all around the world, the impact on the blockchain platforms emerged positive solutions for so many issues. Areas such as technology development, economic measures, and freedom of speech are now more available thanks to the blockchain possibilities.

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HashCash Says Banks Can Manage Identities Better

HashCash is one of the many Blockchain firms which has bold plans to create a federated and sovereign digital identity architecture. Its use purpose is aimed at banking processes.  Banks being the "chief arbiters" of people's identities, the need for accurate and secure blockchain technology is a must-have.

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Historically Bitcoin’s Sudden Drop by $500

​​​​​​​Though everyone is happy for the $12,000 price, it remains a problematic level to flip to support. History is made today - a bounce off $11,500 saves investors from panic and uncertainty. Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped several hundred dollars in just seconds today, as $12,000 is still a price too hot to handle.

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How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia?

Estonia is the land of crypto possibilities. When it comes to Europe’s biggest money-laundering scandal, this country rapidly managed to take control of the situation. The so-called illicit financial crime, the government immediately clamp down the crypto company’s license permits.

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Cryptocurrency news around the world

The future where governments partially control the decentralized digital currency doesn’t seem impossible anymore. Last week only, two events happened in America and Russia. Though the top two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, had a sudden price jump shows a positive influence over the market also, the DeFi ecosystem is monitored by speculators, and the constant growth increases the transaction fee.

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Ether Price Could Reach another 2020 High Level Near the $300

June was indeed the Ethereum cryptocurrency month. It showed the power of the growth of a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin keeps the pace, and as BTC price moved to $9.6K, while the cost of the Ether (ETH) is on to achieve a new 2020 high ETH price. Only this last week, it showed incredibly strong performance of more than 22% since the start of the week and currently less than one dollar away from setting a new high for 2020.

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