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English Football Club – Victim of a Multi-Million Dollar Ransomware Attack

Worldwide ransomware attacks increased by 200%. The software required to carry out such an attack is widely available on the darknet. Since 2018, approximately 40% of the attacks on British sports organizations involved malware and at least a quarter of this involved ransomware. Lately, cybercriminals are mostly targeting high-value sports entities.

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The Bitcoin Diamond Halving is Coming

A halving event is a method to refine the value of a cryptocurrency by reducing the number of coins gained via each block. The upcoming BCD halving event helps promote growth and widespread adoption. The last Bitcoin Halving took place on May 11, 2020, and BCD also has a halving at a specific number of blocks- in 2020, the BCD halving is expected in early August.BCD mining reward will halve from 125 BCD down to 62.5 BCD

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DeFi, COMP and Protocols Outperformed Bitcoin in Q2

Indeed, DeFi tokens strongly outperformed Bitcoin in the second quarter.. All it take s is the updated Compound reward mechanism and yield farming. The COMP reward mechanism was recently updated and its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, reached the $1 billion mark in funds borrowed from its contract on June 13.

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Altcoins Continue to Increase Their Price: Data, Example, and Statements

In June, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) recorded significant gains, following the recovery of the top two crypto-assets, the momentum of many altcoins began to increase, particularly following the Bitcoin halving in mid-May. Several alternative cryptocurrencies have been posting gains in the market place. Altcoins, such as VET, XLM, ADA, ALGO, LINK, BSV, ATOM, XRP, CRO, ETC, outperformed the rest of the market, including Bitcoin, in the past month. 

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Let’s Talk About Crypto Charts

There is panic out there, crypto lovers. The Bitcoin price dropped down to 8,919 in the last 24 hours. Again. There is gossip that the crypto-world is about to crash… At least it what analysts are proposing for the coming weeks. It seems like the multi-year resistance of $10,500 since the price, is about to fall under $8K levels. Some people say that Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to challenge.

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Bitcoin Miners are Holding Their Newly Mined Bitcoins

Becoming a cryptominer has its philosophy when it comes to trading the Bitcoin (BTC) rewards. Nowadays, Bitcoin miners are uncertain due to the constant price droppings. These last weeks, the price holds above the USD 9,000, and they have been held the cryptocurrency for several weeks now.

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