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Do You Know The Advantages of a Virtual Event?

One of the good things that came as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is that you have the chance to be present at any crypto event happening worldwide. Imagine being in Alaska and watch a summit in Africa. The same way blog posts, MP3’s, Tweets have replaced a significant portion of things like books, CDs, and newspapers, Covid-19, replaced the way we see an international summit.

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McAfee's’ GHOST Welcomes You To Hong Kong Disneyland

John McAfee announced on Twitter on June 22 that its privacy cryptocurrency Ghost coin (GHOST) distributed exchange is live. The Proof of Stake privacy coin is intended for more anonymous transactions under 120 seconds with just a fraction of penny paid in transaction fees. Without a central company or an official owner and is ran and maintained only by the community will soon replace the McAfeeDEX distributed exchange.

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7 Ways Blockchain Technology Helps Fight Covid-19

Today, there still are countries where the COVID-19 pandemic still is at its topic level. Any help is significant and needed. People around the globe are doing what they can to help. Blockchain technology is getting tested at its full capability of confronting the pandemic global challenges. Several organizations wanting to aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic are getting more and more attention.

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Indian CoinDCX Launches DCX LEARN

It’s time to learn more about the most prominent financial biggest revolution. It’s a mantra amongst people who want to explore the opportunity for radical innovation, entrepreneurship in monetary solutions, and a new asset class for investments. Appropriate education is necessary to achieve accurate knowledge to navigate the crypto markets. The Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX launched on June 16, the educational platform - DCX LEARN.

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