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HONG KONG BLOCKCHAIN WEEK 2020 - Hong Kong, China.

Hosted by NexChange Group, this year, the Hong Kong Blockchain Event will take place on 28-30 September, where more than 3000 participants are expected: 130+ Speakers, 200+ Investors, Journalists from more than 50 Countries. With 20+ Accredited Events, this week will be a total blast for every attendant! This specific event started as investor and hackathon dinners, #HKBlockchainWeek2020 now is the largest event in Hong Kong that evolved up to conferences and exhibitions, start-ups that impac

BLOCKCHAIN TECH SUMMIT 2020, New York, United States.

The Blockchain Tech Summit programmed for September 8, 2020, gathers entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and creative people under one roof. Its purpose is to inform the attendee about humanity’s greatest challenge via blockchain technology. Of course, the summit teaches important insights & leading applications of Blockchain Technology, and startup development strategies via top workshops with award-winning experts. This event is famous for being the world’s most exclusive

Blockchain World Forum New York 2020

In 2020, on August 27-28, Blockchain World Forum 2020 is organized in major cities around the world, like Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, New York, Seoul, London, and Tokyo. Due to the pandemic, the events planned in March and April were postponed. But the New York Conference is still happening. BWF NY will discuss intriguing topics about regulation on blockchain and cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO’s. Great opportunity to meet potential customers, investors, and a

Ethereum in the Enterprise 2020 - Virtual Half-Day Event

Ethereum in the Enterprise 2020 is a half-day virtual event, on Jul 30, 2020, for those interested in exploring blockchain applications, technical insights, and real-world case studies for use in business and commerce. Talented speakers will provide their real-world experience building industrial solutions using blockchain technologies and decentralized approaches.  Presentations will cover everything from the state of Ethereum in the enterprise to the growing use of the Ethereum mai

Minning Disrupt Conference 2020 - Miami, United States

Minning Disrupt Conference 2020 (MDC) takes place in Miami, Florida, on July 22-23 and is a yearly exclusive conference and exhibition event, that informs you about Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain Disruptive Tech. It teaches you about the digital currency, and you get to learn about alternative cryptocurrencies. Meet Wall Street wolfs, Miners, Hosters, ASIC Makers, Coin Developers, and Crypto professionals who will present protocols, ecosystems, platforms, and the innovative industry of

​​​​​​​Global Online Investor Roadshow - Online Event

Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) 2020 is the Official Side Event of Singapore Blockchain Week. GOIR is an online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investment, and digital asset opportunities. This is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform, in responding to the new challenges presented by COVID-19, GOIR is the biggest online investor event of its kind, with the broadest reach, spanning thirty (30) countries in fifteen (15)

Singapore Blockchain Week - Virtual Event

Singapore Blockchain Week (SGBCW) will virtually connect you to the world to enjoy governments, industry leaders, academics and innovators, and aid collaboration on both regional and international levels. The premier blockchain industry event will be hosted online on 21 – 23 July 2020. The conference and exhibition will provide a virtual event platform for both attendees and participants, with high-profile digitally-based interaction. Blockchain Association Singapore will also coordinat

ELEV8: Digital Assets NYC

ELEV8: Digital Assets NYC brings on 20-21 July this year, the latest trends and investment opportunities for digital assets, delivering discussions and debates around the largest opportunity in alternative investments in history. The conference facilitates a P2P dialogue between the most important stakeholders in the digital asset sector and the existing financial system. Attendees will understand how decentralized finance continues to impact issues such as liquidity, derivatives, tradin