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Weak Hands

An investor prone to panic selling at the first sign of a price decline.


The smallest fraction of an Ether, with each Ether to 1000000000000000000 Wei.


A term used to describe investors who have uncommonly large amounts of crypto, especially those with enough funds to manipulate the market. *see Fish/Minnow and Dolphin.

When Lambo

The extended expression for Lambo.

When Moon

The extended expression for Moon.


A list of interested participants in an ICO, who registered their intent to take part or purchase in a sale.


A document prepared by an ICO project team to interest investors with its vision, cryptocurrency use and cryptoeconomic design, technical information, and a roadmap for how it plans to grow and succeed.


Stands for Year to Date.

Zero Confirmation Transaction

Alternative phrasing for an unconfirmed transaction.

Zero Knowledge Proof

In cryptography, a zero knowledge proof enables one party to provide evidence that a transaction or event happened without revealing private details of that transaction or event.