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How many altcoins are in Tim Draper's cryptocurrency investment portfolio?

The investment portfolio is an investor pride and reputation. And with popularity and adoption of the cryptocurrency, made diversifying your portfolio a trend to follow. Tech billionaire, Tim Draper, decided to reveal some names of his altcoin diversified portfolio. Believe it or not, but he owns half a dozen of altcoins in addition to his 30,000 BTC in his portfolio assets.

Tim Draper is a prominent venture capitalist and tech billionaire. He purchased 30,000 Bitcoins (BTC) seized from the Silk Road. Lately, Draper revealed that his holdings include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Tezos (XTZ), and Aragon (ANT), adding:

Draper has been an active cryptocurrency investor for seven years, in which he had made multi-million investments into several startups and burgeoning projects. He is one of the smartest investors in crypto exchange Coinbase. In 2019, Drape liquidated all his public stock and announced that he wants to invest only in the cryptocurrency stocks. After long experiences with altcoins, he confirmed in 2017 that his fund participated within the Tezos ICO after a filed class-action lawsuit against the project.

On the Quora forum in 2019, the billionaire said that he thinks the DLT payments processor Ripple is about for explosive growth, resulting in much higher prices. After examining the three-time growth of Bitcoin over the last five months, one would expect an identical result from XRP. And that his suppositions were not his best prediction.

Recently, he admitted that he invested $1 million in the Ethereum (ETH)-based project Aragon reciprocally for 1 million ANT tokens, which gave him 2.52% of the total supply of the token. His other altcoin investments still appear to be overshadowed by his BTC holdings. In 2014 he purchased 30,000 BTC at the worth of $632 per coin. Who knew that his initial BTC investment could increase over 1,500% to the approximate value of $315 million?

According to Draper's statement, it is unlikely that he will sell anytime soon, as earlier this year reconfirmed his 2018 predicted that the coin could rise past $250,000 within the next two years. If this happens, his BTC holdings can achieve a worth of $7.5 billion.

As you can see, Tim Draper had the courage to invest in crypto assets and the outcome is bilionarious!