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Indian CoinDCX Launches DCX LEARN

To be more specific, it is an academy DCX Learn is a premium Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, that offers guides, articles, courses, and lectures accessible to everyone eager to understand better what they are investing. Explained through simple infographics, easy tutorial videos, the content is available to everyone and at all levels. This is a strong foundation globally in breaking down the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Kashif Raza, Co-founder of CryptoKanoon, said that the Indian crypto community needs better access to knowledge and toolsets to make their trading experience safe and productive. This way, the crypto industry can achieve long term, sustainable growth.

CoinDCX states that informed users are less likely to fall victim to scams or lose their digital wallet private keys – understanding blockchain technology can better ascertain whether applying it can improve their business.

In India, almost 98 % of the population do not trust or understand Bitcoin. The importance of a Bitcoin private key will, learning how to perform due diligence and how blockchain works, is essential. The information gathered on an educational platform such as DCX Learn will protect every crypto enthusiast not to invest in the fraudulent ICO or Ponzi schemes but to improve their business operations.

The Covid-19 crisis made people aware of cryptocurrencies as both an alternative investment asset, and as a way to solve some of the challenges of traditional fiat currencies. But the crypto industry is still emerging technologies, and are not yet widely understood by the mainstream audience.

Tech Mahindra, the Indian IT company, Canada York University School of Continuing Studies, and Australia-based RMIT University announced blockchain courses and postgraduate programs in cybersecurity and blockchain. All these educational institutions and companies in the space are starting to offer classes to remedy the uncertainties, fears, and doubts about cryptocurrency.

Did you ever wonder if cryptocurrency classes were a standard school program?

It is safer to learn about the cryptocurrency world when you have access to an appropriate education. DCX Learn gives you Educating, Empowering, and Enlightening to make the right decisions throughout your cryptocurrency journey.