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Swiss Atupri Health Insurance Company Accepts Bitcoin and Ether Payments

A decade later, after Bitcoin became a real cryptocurrency, different companies all over the world, try to adapt to the constant technological development. Recently, a major health insurance provider from Switzerland has adopted Bitcoin and Ether payments. This way, they can target the digital asset holders of their clients.

It only might seem simple, but the work behind the curtains to make these payments possible. For the Atupri Health Insurance Company, it required partnering with the crypto financial services company Bitcoin Suisse. Now, their 200,000 customers can make payments using BTC or ETH.

The trick here is that Atupri will receive the final payment in fiat currency (Swiss francs) without holding the digital assets itself. As you can see, a partnership with a crypto-financial company is essential for the exchanged BTC or ETH coins. Of course, the customers will have to pay for all the fees associated with mining. It is a wise investment for both companies since the future belongs to cryptocurrency.

Caroline Meli, Head of Marketing and Sales at Atupri, mentioned that “As digital pioneers in the healthcare sector, we anticipate social trends and offer insurance solutions with long-term prospects.”

Bitcoin Suisse is the crypto financial services company that owns more than $1 billion in assets. In May, the crypto broker even added custodial support and staking services for Tezos (XTZ), gold, silver, and platinum to trade on its platform. They plan, by 2022, to hold a security token offering next year and list its assets on the stock exchange.

Did you know that Switzerland is considered by the rest of the world as the Crypto Valley, and has a FinTech-friendly region where regular public transportation accepts crypto? The crypto heaven is always at the forefront of crypto solutions. Just like in any other country, here, crypto crimes are also a risk, but a secured partnership will ensure safety payments.

The municipality of Zermatt recently partnered with the same Bitcoin Suisse rolled for tax payment options.

Blockchain technology and the associated use of cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important.

What other fields, you think, could accept cryptocurrency?