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The Bitcoin Diamond Halving is Coming

Simultaneously a cryptocurrency and a transferable method of value, BCD is a hard fork of Bitcoin. During the fork on November 24, 2017, the supply was multiplied 10x, and the block size limit was increased up to 8mb to This means that anyone holding keys for 1 BTC would own 10 BCD and the block size limit above 1mb facilitates the transactions. 

BCD Price Chart. Source: allcoincap

Many online e-commerce merchants currently accept BCD on their website, which constant,  means that its use and popularity increases. The BCD Foundation is gradually being expanded above E-commerce and payment applications for SMEs, such as BCDpay, BCDbazaar, and BCDapp. With its graphics mining rig, BCD features low transfer fees, scalability, and support for multiple payment applications.

The total amount of BCD is 210 million - 170 million BCD will be presented to Bitcoin holders at the ratio of 10 BCD to 1 BTC; the rest 40 million will be automatically transferred into the community rewards pool.
The BCD fork took place in 2017 at block 495866. Initially, the next 2020 halvening for BCD was calculated for  July 29, but currently, it changed for August 8, 2020, at04:01 PM when block number 630000 will be mined. 

In the table below, you can see the future Bitcoin Diamond Halving Dates, estimated using current and expected block completion times. You can do yourself the math - the current block height is 627409, and each block takes approximately 600 seconds to mine.

Any halving event refines the value of a cryptocurrency by reducing the number of new coins rewarded for each block. This way, the current circulating supply gains more value, its system can help future scalability as mass adaptation would limit decentralization. And the benefits keep expanding like a spider’s web – accurate, beautiful, and ready for the upcoming challenges.
Indeed, 2020 is the year of challenges for the crypto world, when each cryptocurrency ca thrive and benefit in so many positive ways. Bitcoin Diamond is no exception. Happy Bitcoin Diamond Halving event.